Connecting People

New Era knows the importance of connecting people and understands that not only does it build self-esteem and confidence but it also reduces worry and stress. 

Join us on our WALK N TALK sessions! Meet new people, improve your mental health and get fit. Walking has so many health benefits.

• Increases your life span 
• Reduces Stress 
• Strengthens your heart 
• Improves your sleep 
• Reduces depression 
• Improves your mood 
• Boosts your Vitamin D 

 …..Who doesn’t love a brew?!!! Come along to our virtual COFFEE MORNINGS.
Anyone can join and you don’t even need to chat at all – you can simply listen in and be in the company of friendly faces. 

In preparation: 

• Have your device charged or plugged in. 
• Get the kettle on. 
• You will receive an email in advance, with a link to the Call. 
• Click on the link and a video screen will pop up. 
• You may be asked to ‘Join with Device Audio’ Click this. 
• If you don’t see that on the bottom left of your screen you should see two little icons 
One to Join Audio, the other to Join Video. 
• Click both icons so red line disappears. 
• If you have a camera on your device we will see you, if not don’t worry as long as you can see and hear us. 
• If it’s your first time using Zoom just give yourself time, if it doesn’t work straight away just take a deep breath you will figure it out. 

Case Study
Nora – 82 year old lady, never used online platforms before and was feeling isolated from her friends and family. Started to join our online coffee mornings after we gave her tutorials on how to access zoom and how to use her ipad. “ I’ve never done anything like this before. Thank you so much for helping me, I had no-one to ask as I’m not seeing anyone. Can you believe we are all here talking – its like you are in my living room. Thank you and I cant wait for next week already”
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