Children & Young People’s Mental Health

New Era provide a prevention and early intervention emotional health and wellbeing service to children, young people and families who are at level 2, level 3 or level 4 on the Lancashire continuum of need.

We address a range of mild to moderate emotional health and well-being needs – see below

• Managing worries
• School exclusion
• Behaviour
• Bereavement, loss & separation
• Depression, low mood
• Anger problems, emotional control
• Anxiety & stress management
• Low self-esteem & confidence
• Problem solving, coping & resilience strategies
• Self-harm
• Attachment Issues
• Identifying and understanding Parent & Child patterns of interaction

Our intervention helps the young person to understand what’s happening, problem solve the issue to make things better and teach coping strategies to enable resilience

New Era can help in the following ways:

121 support and interventions – interventions with young people can take place within the school, home or virtual environment. New Era can take referrals from a variety of places either directly from yourself or via our Lancashire County Council partnership

Case Study
10 Year old boy, struggling with his feelings and getting really angry at anything and everything. After working with him for 6 sessions he reported he now understood why he felt angry and had even been teaching his mum about The Anger Rules and all the new strategies he had been learning
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