Adult Wellbeing

Your physical health, mental health and emotional wellbeing play a big part in how happy and comfortable you are in your everyday life. 
There are lots of different ways you can look after and improve your physical health and emotional wellbeing. They include:

Healthy eating 
Taking up new interests and hobbies 
Joining a group or a team – oooh our coffee morning 
Chatting, socialising and relaxing with other people – coffee morning 
Learning new skills through education, training or employment – keep an eye on our homepage/whats new to see upcoming courses and events. 

Case Study
Emma – Mum of teenager who had been struggling with her mental health and had recently been discharged from hospital. Mum didn’t know where to go and who to turn to, she felt overwhelmed, upset, despairing and terrified - my house used to be like a war-zone. After the advice and support you gave me its like I live in a different world now, A better one – we even sat down and played cards the other night. That’s unheard of”
Case Study
Facebook user – You shared a morning routines post the other day which my daughter said has really helped her. Please could you find a night time routine too as this will really help her”

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